6 Strategies for Your Clutter

Many of us have a problem with clutter. It can sometimes be difficult to store things out of sight when your space doesn’t have the necessary storage. In fact, additional storage is one of the top requests by homeowners remodeling their kitchen or bathroom. Can you relate to this situation? Check out 6 strategies to implement in your new kitchen or bathroom for a sleek new space!

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5 Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget

Usually, the remodeling process starts out simple and exciting. Homeowners typically take to Houzz or Pinterest in search of ideas for their kitchen. When you begin planning a kitchen remodel, you may have no idea how much your vision might cost. The answer will likely depend on several factors, including the size of your space, what you will do to it, your geography, your home value, and budget. Read more

Spanish-Inspired Home Remodeling

Recently, my husband and I took a trip to Spain. Each day we found ourselves fascinated by the architecture and culturally inspired design elements. It was hard not to snap photos of everything. I was constantly inspired to bring the Spanish flair to my clients. For several centuries, Spanish style homes have been a popular architectural choice. From arched doorways, tall ceilinged entranceways, tile choices and more – Spanish culture has made an impact in home design and remodeling. Luckily, many showrooms, manufacturers and retailers have made it easy to add a touch of Spain to your home remodeling project. So without further ado, here’s how to turn your home remodeling project into a Spanish retreat: Read more

Bathroom Design with Style & Comfort

Bathrooms are a place to retreat and unwind in before and after a long day. It’s important that they be designed with our lifestyle and needs (including future ones) in mind. Often times homeowners come to me with a vague idea of what they want out of their bathroom remodel. They’ve pulled a few ideas from Pinterest and Houzz. However, when I ask them why they want to incorporate certain elements the answer always almost comes down to aesthetics. My firm aims to design client visions, but we also want to make sure the space suits the homeowner’s needs – now and in the future.  Here are a few options to keep in mind when designing your bathroom remodel:  Read more

The Kitchen Design Trends to Look for in 2017

With the holidays approaching soon, so is the new year. It’s hard to believe it’s right around the corner. If you’re anticipating next year’s hottest kitchen design trends, you’re not alone. So what might the quintessential 2017 kitchen look like? It’s definitely an interesting combination that includes hi-tech workstations, bright color schemes and sleek fixtures. Without further ado, here are some of the kitchen design trends stealing the spotlight in 2017: Read more

Grey Cabinetry

Setting Realistic Expectations for Your Home Remodel

“In today’s world, consumers are faced with endless choices on products. They are barraged by TV shows on HGTV that falsely promise fantastic remodeling projects done in a blink of an eye at unrealistic prices. The HGTV home improvement shows and others like them attempt to commoditize remodeling projects, ultimately misleading consumers.” – Kathi Fleck, Renovate, Remodel… Relax!

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3 Ways to Make the Most of Your Living Room

Our living rooms are one of the rooms we spend the most time in. It’s one of the first rooms we see when we walk in. The room we entertain friends and family in. Often times when I meet with clients wanting to remodel their kitchen, they share their living room design dilemmas as it’s the room closest to the soon to be remodeled kitchen. They’re frustrated over the lack of space and feel the outdated appearance is not welcoming. Feel you can relate? Often times, there is a simple solution to these problems that doesn’t involve tearing down walls. Check to see if you’re missing in any of these three areas. Read more

Residential Design for the Next Decade

It’s fun to look ahead to what design trends will look like over the next few years. Architect Magazine recently took a look at some of the trends that will be shaping the future of residential design. Here, we will go over several of the highlights. We’ll touch on why certain innovations are going to be so important.

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Gray is Here to Stay – The Color Taking Over Kitchen Cabs

Color has a huge effect on the atmosphere of a space, it’s no wonder why so many homeowners are embracing bold accent pieces in their spaces. It used to be that the majority of clients opted-in for traditional palettes of whites, browns and yellows (and that was pushing it). Now, I see homeowners willing and even excited to push the envelope when it comes to the color palette for their new space. One of the biggest ways color is being incorporated into space is through accent pieces, particularly, cabinetry. Read more

Designer looking over rendering

Who do I Hire? An Interior Designer or a Design/Build Firm?

The big question is: What’s the difference? You want a new and or improved home from top to bottom, so who do you hire— An Interior Designer? A Design/Build firm? Or both?

Few people realize that many Interior Designers have some knowledge and training in construction, similarly, many Design/Build firms have knowledge and training in Interior Design. While both these professions revolve around home design, there remain some skills that necessitate the hiring of one over the other. Read more