Remodeling Books

Part 1: Putting the Process Together

In Part 1 of Renovate, Remodel…Relax!, you’ll discover how to budget for your remodel, hire the perfect contractor, and unleash your inner-design genius.

Chapter 1: Dare to Dream

-The best time to remodel your home.

-How to properly plan for a smooth project.

-5 ways to get your creative juices flowing for your design/remodel.

-The ONE tool that will help you unleash your interior-design genius (yes, YOU have an inner-design genius!).

Island with a pop of color

Chapter 2: Money Matters

-Figuring out a realistic budget for YOU.

-What to do if the cost of your project is initially higher than you thought.

-How to figure out if a project will increase the value of your home.

Chapter 3: Who Should You Hire?

-How to choose the right contractor (the answer here will surprise you).

-11 warning signs you’re dealing with an unreliable contractor.

-28 questions every contractor should be able to answer…though most can’t.

-The definitive, 100%-foolproof checklist that will allow you to choose the best possible contractor.