Remodeling Books

Part 3: Living In The Midst Of A Remodel

Part 3 of Renovate, Remodel…Relax! shows you how to handle the construction process of your remodel. You’ll discover the best ways to ensure minimal stress during your project, how to deal with “surprises” that can happen during construction, and much more.

Chapter 9: How a Remodel Affects YOU

-How to set your expectations once “hammer meets nail.”

-How to keep your stress levels low if “something comes up” during your project.

-Dealing with dirt: how to keep your home clean if a project gets messy.

Chapter 10: Handy Checklists for Homeowners

-The complete checklist for a successful remodel, including:

-Working and successfully communicating with the contractor and installers.

-Preparing your home for your remodel.

Chapter 11: Remodeling Knowns, Unknowns, and Expectations

-The one thing you should NEVER assume about your project.

-How to deal with the “gray areas” that aren’t necessarily in your contract.

–Why the last 10% of your remodel (a.k.a. attending to the details) can take almost as long as the first 90%…and how to help the process along.

-What to expect from the “fine print” of warranties and guarantees.

–How to deal with warranty hassles when you purchase some of the materials or hire some of the trades on your own.