Remodeling Books

The fourth and final part of Renovate, Remodel…Relax! brings your remodeling project to the finish line. It will show you the latest trends in home remodeling, how to “freshen up” your remodel as time passes, the best way to maintain your remodel for maximum life, and much more. Take a look:

Chapter 12 and 13: Create the Home that Fits YOU and The Latest Trends in Home Design

-Hiring a remodeler with design experience vs. hiring a remodeler with none.

-How to update your home when your remodel needs a “freshening up” after time passes.

-A look at what’s popular, current, and in vogue in home design today.

-How to create the perfect flow and energy in your home.

Chapter 14: Small Changes – Big Results

-How to update your home to adapt to a lifestyle change (kids leaving the home, the birth of a new baby, and more).

-How one simple change in your home can have big results in its energy, looks, and feel.

-Functional, fashionable updates for baby boomers and aging adults.

-How simply updating the “small parts” of your home (closet, storage room, fireplace, crown molding, and more) can rejuvenate your home’s look and feel as much as any other area in your house.

-The sure-fire way to convince your spouse to commit to a major remodel if he or she is having doubts (this absolutely works… and it’s so simple!).

Chapter 15: Considerations for Bathroom and Kitchen Remodels

–How much a quality bathroom and kitchen remodel costs.

-How to ensure you’re using your money wisely to achieve your remodeling goals.

-Using Universal Design to create a functional, beautiful bathroom or kitchen.

-Four small, simple changes that will dramatically refresh your bathroom.

-Inside knowledge on what’s in vogue in bathroom remodeling—use this information to become the trend setter on your block.

-An in-depth look at popular kitchen styles and the latest trends in kitchen remodeling among Baby Boomers, Gen X’ers, and Millennials.

Chapter 16: Care, Maintenance, and Repair of Your Home

–Exposing the leading cause of exterior and interior damage to your home—and how to stop it.

-How to conduct regular home inspections to maintain the value of your home.

-The 16 critical areas of maintenance concern.

-The definitive 37 point maintenance checklist for maintaining EVERY area of your home.

-How to remove every type of common stain (usually with products already in your home!).

-How to care properly for your newly remodeled area, to get the most life out of it.

Chapter 17: Pulling It All Together

-Creating the perfect home for YOU.

-Personalizing your remodel, so it’s exactly how you dreamed it would be… and can take your project from “How?!” to “WOW!”