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Navigating Your way Through the Hectic DFW Housing Market

When it comes to house hunting, it can easily become overwhelming. Is the market right? Can you afford the place you want? Where do you even start? Likewise when it comes to remodeling. Well, it’s time to clear up some of the muck.…read more

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Don’t Plan a Home Remodel without Knowing the Facts

Everyone has a mental picture of what their dream home looks like, but few can afford to buy it. Instead, many choose to invest in a home they can afford until they save enough money to turn it into their ideal living space…read more

Extending the Life of Your Home by Decades

You don’t have to give up the home you love as you get older. You can make your home safe, comfortable, and accessible… without sacrificing any of the elements you love about it…read more

Southlake Style Remodeling Q&A

Reality shows make home remodeling look so easy. Is it really that easy?

Are there small steps you can take to remodel your home without the hassle of hiring contractors? Yes, in fact there’s a chapter in my book dedicated to this question, “Small changes — big results.” It’s not a how to, but rather a what to do. It talks about discovering the charm within your home by uncovering your home’s best features, and it talks about how small changes can create big results…read more

Relax with Your Next Renovation or Remodel

 How you can come up with a realistic renovation budget and find a reliable contractor.listen here

It’s Only a Dream Space if it Functions Like a Dream!

When remodeling, many homeowners want to put their money toward the visually appealing aspects like beautiful cabinets, countertops, fixtures and flooring. But a dream kitchen or bath is isn’t a dream realized if it’s not functional…read more

Real Estate Q&A

Do you see more clients now remodeling rather than selling?

I do.… What my clients are telling me is that they’ll think, ‘Well, gee, maybe we should go out and buy a new house instead of updating the kitchen or the bathroom or whatever.’ And then they find that the price of a new house for what they have is going to be a whole lot more, and they like where they’re at, and they realize that maybe it’s better just to put more money into the kitchen or the bathroom or painting…read more

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