Spanish-Inspired Home Remodeling

Recently, my husband and I took a trip to Spain. Each day we found ourselves fascinated by the architecture and culturally inspired design elements. It was hard not to snap photos of everything. I was constantly inspired to bring the Spanish flair to my clients. For several centuries, Spanish style homes have been a popular architectural choice. From arched doorways, tall ceilinged entranceways, tile choices and more – Spanish culture has made an impact in home design and remodeling. Luckily, many showrooms, manufacturers and retailers have made it easy to add a touch of Spain to your home remodeling project. So without further ado, here’s how to turn your home remodeling project into a Spanish retreat:


Curves and arches: Imagine saying “honey, I’m home” as you walk through an arched entryway. Incorporate a few pendant lights throughout it or down an arched hallway to add to the ambiance of your remodel.


Set the mood with lighting: And while we’re on the subject of ambiance, adding accent lighting to the floor can accentuate the curvature and really add to the appeal of your arched entryway or hallway.


Stucco walls: There are a few characteristics of Spanish style homes that you may be able to replicate with a little interior rebuilding. For example, exposed wooden ceiling beams and corbels are very popular in Spanish homes. However, if you are unable to make this change, you can start with stucco-like wall paint.


Add color with tiles: This is among the most popular trends for Spanish-styled remodeling projects: handpainted tiles. You can add this element as a countertop and backsplash, as a staircase accent, or as an accent tile along with a saltillo or porcelain tile in the shower.


Murals: On the other hand, you may want to be more involved with your tile selections. Consider using handpainted tiles to create a mural in a special part of your home. Some clients have used Spanish-style tiles for their fireplace and to decorate entryways.


Balconies: Imagine stepping out from your room to enjoy the fresh air and views. Additionally, crafted wrought iron work can be added to your new balcony as well as stair railings, gates, window grilles and lanterns.


Courtyards and patios: Outside your home, you can invoke the Spanish feel with a small fountain, statues, brick or terracotta walkways and – if your local climate will allow – a cluster of small palms. You’ll be surprised by how much adding in a few traditional Spanish details can spice up your home remodel.


Like this style? Contact us, we’d love to share more on how you can get the warm, rustic feel of a Spanish-style home.